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Santee, South Carolina is a golfer’s best kept secret.

Our key performance indicators included increased site traffic, requests for golf guides, ad impressions, clicks and click-through-rate, email sign-ups and cost per lead, as well as site-side analytics, such as time on site, new visitors and pages per session.


Pre-pandemic, we were all about drivability and affordability. Today, we market Santee as a place you can safely stay and play.


We’re letting our audience in on ‘the secret a little birdie told us’ - that the best value in golf is closer than they think. Rooted in targeted, efficient reach, the campaign increased awareness and consideration of Santee as a vacation destination.


Through native ads, display retargeting, sponsored e-newsletters, paid social media and paid search, we intercepted would-be vacationers during their online research, while lead generation helped refine our audience across all tactics.

Pandemic Proofing

Our target audiences had always been those within the drive market, and with golf – and the natural social distancing it provides – being Santee’s main draw, we kept that at the forefront, while also highlighting that accommodations and restaurants are committed to an even higher level of safety and sanitization.

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