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Built Around You

Agribusiness is big business in South Carolina. scagribusiness.com

Leads are being tracked through in-person and online engagement. Traffic to the website increases by more than 210% when our messages are in the marketplace, with leads spending more time on the site, up on average of 26% per session.


Drive statewide economic investment by developing credible leads that result in companies becoming involved in South Carolina agribusiness by expanding, relocating or opening a location here.


As the state’s #1 industry and with a $41 billion economic impact annually, we set out to prove to potential leads just how serious we are about further expanding our agribusiness assets.


B2B digital assets like geotargeted banner ads drove to a dedicated web portal. More traditional media included direct mail pieces, a Fortune magazine wrap/insert, trade show materials and videos that cleverly deliver our messages.


Four simple videos visually demonstrate the ‘Built Around You’ concept. Each highlights the unique benefits of expanding or relocating agribusiness operations in SC.

Fortune Ads

Six specialized magazine wraps/inserts feature current agribusinesses throughout the state and offer key competitive benefits. Animated banner ads were strategically geofenced and timed to run where and when the magazines were delivered.

Put our thinking to work

If you're looking to combine creativity with business know-how and are interested in results-driven, integrated communications solutions for your company, then we'd like to talk.

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