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CLT was experiencing increased competition from other airport parking facilities and ride share services. As a result, CLT created an online parking reservation system.

Pre-pandemic revenue for parking products in 2019 was $29.5 million. In 2021, that number hit $36.5 million – exceeding CLT’s forecast by $10+ million.


Increase the awareness of travelers’ ability to book parking online in advance, thus increasing the use of on-site airport parking.


Evoke the emotion of an easier, simpler and less stressful parking experience - through the grill of cars who are parked.


Take advantage of top-funnel awareness and site-traffic driving tactics like paid social, while introducing additional digital banner ads, digital outdoor and streaming radio.

Let's face it.

Parking your car when you get to the airport can be stressful and time consuming – causing angst before you ever step foot in the airport. Online parking alleviates that burden. This campaign plays on the human emotions evoked when parking is made easy – but we attribute those feelings to the grills of the cars themselves, allowing their own personalities to shine through.

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