Integrated Media

People-first and strategically focused, we understand how consumers engage with media at the intersection of content, culture and commerce.

We build stories around consumers’ lives and develop innovative media activations that deliver impact and effectiveness. Our background gives us a unique perspective on what influences people and that drives our media approach, combining audience understanding with proprietary optimization capabilities to deliver truly impactful and effective campaigns.

We continuously develop our technical capabilities across the ad tech universe to drive digital activation, using advanced techniques that enhance performance. Collaborative media vendor relationships drive negotiation and media buying, optimizing media spend for maximum impact and value. And our MetricIQ methodology focuses our data-driven optimization and analytics, continuously refining campaigns for optimal engagement and results. Our team brings this all this together with long and diverse career experience to ensure that every media dollar spent is in support of maximizing results.

Audience & Media Strategy

Identifying the ideal audiences for your campaign and effectively influencing them.

Analyzing marketplace trends, competitive landscapes and business strategies, we ensure a campaign is positioned for success. Then we study audiences in the context of marketing objectives, learning how they respond to messaging and where they consume media to craft an integrated media strategy. It will have a clear structure and communication stages, driving true engagement with resonance and impact, whether focused around awareness, intent or a specific path-to-purchase.

Integrated Media Planning

Blending traditional and digital channels seamlessly to ensure campaign cohesiveness and impact.

With a dynamic and flexible approach, we create a custom distribution network for the campaign, combining reach and performance media elements efficiently to deliver audience impressions and activate against business objectives.

Digital Media Activation

Activating data intelligently to maximize exposure and deliver true digital engagement.

Adept at leveraging the latest advertising technologies and digital platforms, we have expertise across display, mobile, programmatic, search, CRM and social platforms. We navigate the digital universe, bringing together the right infrastructure and safeguards to ensure that every impression served is against the target audience that will best deliver on campaign objectives. With a dual focus on creativity and efficiency, we actively manage campaigns for better performance, optimizing and refining campaigns with reporting of KPIs in real-time.

Negotiation & Media Buying

Combining deep relationships with a blend of strategic agility and tactical moxie that delivers value.

With more than 50 years working in the Southeast, we believe that strong industry relationships benefit our clients through goodwill and trust. With a custom negotiation strategy for each campaign, we blend upfront commitments with marketplace agility to secure optimal placement and cost-effective rates. Our approach is not just about cost savings; it’s about value creation, ensuring that every dollar contributes to achieving your marketing objectives.

Optimization & Analytics

Continually optimizing through measurement and applied learning.

We continuously monitor and analyze campaign performance across all media, employing real-time data to optimize campaigns for greater efficiency and better results. Our proprietary MetricIQ methodology delivers custom reporting and actionable insights, offering a clear view of campaign KPIs and the total impact on your target audience.