Increasing brand exposure through a PBS partnership

Foodie focus

This nationally syndicated PBS program integrated broadcast, on-demand and digital platforms to showcase the Fresh From Florida brand to the most engaged audience in food.



With three Moveable Feast with Relish episodes filmed in Florida, there was opportunity to connect our sponsorship with content that features the kinds of produce grown in the Sunshine State. Our Florida-based episodes are available on broadcast across PBS nationwide for three years, in addition to on-demand viewing on Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, Apple TV and more.

In addition, Relish included the use of their proprietary software to make all 450 recipes on the Fresh From Florida website shoppable for delivery. This is an important segment because research shows 58% of Florida consumers had groceries delivered to their home or office in the last year.


Tasty Results


Running on PBS drove more traffic to the Fresh From Florida website, which converted watchers into FFF Club members.

As of February 2024, the club has surpassed 250,000 members – growing nearly fourfold since January of 2020.



Adding this partnership to our omni-channel campaign resulted in all-time high awareness. numbers.

In the 2023 campaign post-wave study, awareness of Fresh From Florida doubled to 80% and awareness of the logo is at 85%,