One fake pill can kill. A campaign about the dangers of fake pills laced with deadly fentanyl.

Real reactions

We went to a university campus to generate awareness — and content — asking students to identify real pills from fake ones.

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Officials: More than half of South Carolina fake pills contained fentanyl

Fake Pills handout

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Field marketing played a big role, taking the campaign to six college campuses across South Carolina.

In creating additional content, we took a mobile-first approach to more effectively reach college-aged students, who as we all know, are glued to their phones.

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The campaign delivered 5,018,050 impressions, had 1,116,000+ video views and 41,998 users clicked or swiped up on ads.

College students have a short attention span and this campaign was designed to have a short run. Not bad numbers for just three weeks.


A YouTube execution led to 369,000+ views.


70 posts, 4,769,789 impressions, 106,486 engagements.