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Just Plain Killers

Making a positive difference in South Carolina's opioid epidemic by evoking change in behavior and attitudes. JustPlainKillers.com

Campaign awareness was at 54% visual recall in a six-month period. Social messages resulted in 6.8 million impressions, 48,000 engagements and nearly 25,000 clicks. Paid media garnered 1,720 bonus spots on broadcast TV and 16,423 bonus spots on cable for a total added value of $175,000.


With nearly five million opioid prescriptions filled every year in SC, this omni-channel effort was created to raise awareness about the dangers of opioids, while educating people about the drugs’ addictive nature and how to prevent misuse and abuse.


Align common, everyday activities - like binge watching episodes on Netflix - to dependency on opioids. This ‘just one more’ attitude can create a dependency that can begin in just three days and end with deadly consequences.


Create a robust, integrated campaign that includes traditional media, as well as social, digital and experiential platforms, to convey educational messages that play off of startling statistics associated with these synthetic drugs.

Take the Pledge

The campaign launched in January 2018 with support from Governor Henry McMaster during a press conference at the State House. Elected officials, business leaders, school administrators and residents were asked to take a pledge to educate themselves, and their loved ones, about the potential dangers of opioids and to use the informational resources available in our state.

What’s Next?

Phase two of the campaign encourages people to ask medical professionals about safer, effective opioid alternatives. To send that message, new TV spots were treated as prequels to the previous commercials. Each spot highlights shocking statistics about opioid misuse, and then closes with a patient asking what else can be used to manage pain.

Free Doses of Info

For the 2018 SC Governor’s Opioid Summit, we wrapped a vending machine to deliver information and statistics about the opioid epidemic in SC. Not only did the machine draw crowds, it was also featured at the SC State Fair, where it garnered much attention from the nearly 445,000 people who attended.

Hands-on Learning

Also featured at the 2018 SC Governor’s Opioid Summit were 46 life-size silhouettes, each representing deaths related to opioid overdosing. A custom block game also demonstrated how quickly one’s life can fall apart due to opioid misuse.

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