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Tiny, Tiny Stories

  • AAF Midlands Best of Show
  • Telly Award Winner
  • AAF District 3 Silver
By featuring winners of hundreds or thousands of dollars - not millions - we re-emphasized that winning any amount is BIG.

The campaign resulted in a 22% increase in winning claims over the same period the previous year.


Drive awareness to the lottery games that are winnable every single day.


Move away from a focus on big, hard-to-attain, infrequent jackpots and promote the idea that all wins are worthy of a celebration.


This fully integrated campaign featured TV, cable, digital outdoor, radio, web banners, POP and social content.

Tell Your Tiny Story

Winners were able to upload their own tiny stories to a lottery landing page, giving the idea legs to explore new stories as the campaign progressed.

Deploying VFX

Yes, we did feature a real stuffed opossum. But no, that’s not a really tiny elephant. Our special effects team brought SunMonday, along with other campaign pieces, to life.

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