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We enjoy the folks we spend our days with, whether it’s inside the office or outside after hours. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Leadership Team

Setting the Example

Our leadership team can be found around our clients’ tables, helping to solve a communications problem. We can be seen leading teams through the ideation process. We can be found sitting at a computer working through an editing session. We lead by example because we love what we do. Which also means it’s our job to inspire every employee here to do the same.

Who We Are


Every person here has the courage to do something big, something different. Something that will change the way marketing communications is viewed. We wonder what’s next for our clients. What’s next for our industry. And we use this curiosity to create new ways to communicate with consumers.

Who We Are

Team Driven.

We live in a team environment, where we truly work across all disciplines in our marketing efforts. And the most important member of our team? That's our client. This approach, where we put our clients first, helps us work together as a unified team. A team built to connect with consumers on a personal level. Technology may drive this engagement, but people are who really make it happen.

What We Do

Think Big.

Regardless of what office we reside in or what discipline we work in, we are all makers. We are innovators. We are driven to be catalysts for change. We’re constantly watching what other communication tools are being utilized, while pushing forward with what will work for our clients. No client is too small for a really big idea.

What We Do

Business Savvy.

Our focus is on strategic work. It’s work that works. That means it’s original. Creative. But also made with the intent of changing consumer behavior for the benefit of our clients. At Chernoff Newman, we think with your bottom line in mind.

Why It Matters

Get-It-Done Attitude.

Each one of us holds the other accountable for the work we do. It’s our team’s foundation. We are client-focused and responsive. We are ambitious in our ideas. But we don’t stop at dreaming – we finish what we start. So that we can measure where we’ve been and decide where to go next.

Why It Matters

Pride In Work.

Knowing that the work we do is seen by our friends and our families, that means something to us. Integrity comes with our work product. So you can trust that we’ll do what we say and that we will do it to the best of our ability. It’s why each of us gets up in the morning – so we always go for great.


Join Our Team

We’re always looking for talented, curious people who are into working hard and producing great work. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then bring it. And if you’re still in college and trying to get ahead, there’s also good news: we offer great internships.

Career Opportunities

Put our thinking to work

If you're looking to combine creativity with business know-how and are interested in results-driven, integrated communications solutions for your company, then we'd like to talk.

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